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Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and Typewriter: The story of Bernie Nicholson and Modern Motorcycle Mechanics

UPDATE: Dec. 23, 2009 — Now that the book Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter has launched, the title plus other Nicholson Bros. Motorcycles goodies can be purchased at

I’m happy to announce the upcoming launch of my self-published book Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter: The story of Bernie Nicholson and Modern Motorcycle Mechanics.

Nicholson, of Nicholson Bros. Motorcycles (est. 1933) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was more than just a prairie motorcycle dealer. In 1942 at the age of 25 Nicholson wrote and self-published the first edition of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, a book that sold so well, he was encouraged to write six more editions, the last in 1974. Over the years more than 100,000 copies of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics have sold worldwide — no small feat for any Canadian author. In fact, 35 years after the last edition was published, there is still a demand for the volume from motorcyclists restoring vintage American, British and Japanese machines. (See for more information.)

Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter takes an in-depth look at how two young brothers imported their first British motorcycle to the dusty Canadian prairies in 1932 during the height of the Depression, and how they went on to run one of the most well-known dealerships and motorcycle mail-order parts houses in North America. Not to mention Nicholson’s writing of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics.

Also available at the launch will be Nicholson Bros. Motorcycles t-shirts, and a DVD that features vignettes of Saskatoon motorcycle hill climbs, military motorcycle training in Barriefield, Ontario and a look at the Daytona Beach races in 1954 and 1955 plus much more.

Mark the calendar, and hope to see you there. Please share this news.


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