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Here to Here World Tour aboard Buell Ulysses XB12X Motorcycles: Update, by Greg Williams

On May 10 Calgary brothers C.J. and Dylan Wilkins left on their Here To Here world tour aboard a pair of 2007 Buell Ulysses XB12X motorcycles, raising funds for the Canadian-based, non-profit Street Kids International (
They expected to travel 32,000 km in just 124 days, riding east from Calgary to Halifax before flying to England and riding on to points such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Mongolia before entering Russia.
Unfortunately, the trip had to be cut short due to illness. C.J. developed a serious cough — so serious he would have to stop riding to catch his breath. They used up most of their sickness/mechanical break down days, and would have had only two left if they continued.
The pair made it as far as Kharkiv, Ukraine, or 13,376 km. In order to arrange shipment of the bikes and get flights home themselves they had to turn around and ride back to Germany. They flew from Frankfurt and arrived home in Calgary on June 26. More details in the blog at
Click here to read the full story, written just prior to their departure.

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