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A random selection of motorcycle and automotive pictures.

1952 Whizzer on Sunshine Bicycle


Apart from restoring the 1966 Honda Superhawk (see previous posts), I usually like to keep my motorcycles and bicycles in original, as-found condition. Patina is hard to acquire, and this stuff is only original once. Such is the case with this Whizzer 300-series motor mounted on a Canadian-built Sunshine bicycle. The bicycle and engine was found in several pieces at the bottom of a grain bin just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. I cleaned up all of the pieces, repaired the cycle parts that required fixing, and lubed all of the bearings upon reassembly. The Whizzer motor was complete, had compression and didn’t seem too loose. I had the coil rebuilt, and the carburetor needed a bit of attention. But after that, and with the motor in the frame and the belts adjusted, it fired right up. It runs like a top.