Northwest Cycle & Motor Co. Winnipeg, Manitoba

From Larry Zglobicki of Winnipeg come these great shots of Northwest Cycle & Motor Co., circa the mid-1930s, at 551 Logan Ave. The shop opened in 1912, and while it started out carrying Harley-Davidson, over the years they imported and sold just about every brand of motorcycle and scooter, including Ducati, Lambretta and Vincent. It stayed in its Logan Ave. location until 1978, when H-D Winnipeg bought out the company.

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There are some great looking girder fork machines in the collection, from Ariel to Sunbeam.

Below is a shot of Larry’s dad, Frank (third from right), who was in the 10th Dragoons – Polish 1st Armored Division. He was in North Africa, France, Battle of Britain & Atlantic, Norway, Italy, Normandy, Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks for sharing the images, Larry. If anyone’s got Northwest Cycle & Motor Co. tales to tell, please leave a comment.


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  1. Hi Greg. You know I could go on and on about Northwest Cycle and we have a few good stories in print here locally. The panoramic photo you have posted was taken by Irv Loewen I believe and it was the Manitoba Motorcycle Club. EST 1911. Irv was an Indian guy through and through and he made a copy for me in the 70’s. Other than Tiny Robin’s little shop we all spent a lot of time gawking at the new bikes at Northwest. Many interesting people worked at that shop including Ben Benson the man who invented and patented the hydra glide front end. That’s right it was a guy from Manitoba , not the COMPANY. I have copies of all the originals from the estate and I believe a deal was struck with H-D post world war 2.

  2. Great photos Greg!!! I really like studying those old shots. Dig the guy looking out the window and the kids walking past. Exciting times with a line-up of sickles like that.

    Ross!! Going on and on about stuff like this is always welcome from my point of view.

  3. Between the knucklehead in the shop window and what I can make out of the tank emblem on that bike (which appears to be the 1936 styling), I’m guessing these photos were taken sometime between the 1936 model release in late 1935 and autumn of 1936. My eyes may deceive me, but it also looks to me as if the posters on the shopfront read “1936”. Unfortunately, the two-up artwork on the posters does not appear in my files or any of the books I have on hand, so I’m unable to confirm that detail. Anyhoo, great photos, and thanks to you and Larry Zglobicki for sharing them.

  4. Hi there. I have an original copy of Ben Benson and Harley-Davidson’s documentation about wanting to start a dealership. It dates back to 1948.I also have one for an Indian dealership. Could anybody indicate if there is a relative of his I could contact please? It is a great piece o history.
    Thank you,

  5. Just visited the High Tea on Portage and saw the collection of great photos. Bought my first Triumph Bonnie there.
    Thanks for the memories.

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