Nicholson Bros. Motorcycles meets Double RL in London

Ralph Lauren’s Double RL store window display in London. A great concept, one using the allure and mysticism of vintage motorcycles to entice customers. Does it work?

What we find fascinating about the montage is the use of a 1935 Nicholson Bros. Motorcycles catalogue. It’s framed, and is hanging above the Velocette’s handlebar.

Take a closer look at this image. It’s in there!


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  1. Ralph Lauren has sent scouts far and wide for decades, whose sole job is to buy cool old stuff; they have many enormous warehouses in New Jersey for all of it, which includes vehicles, clothes, furniture, ephemera, etc. All used to decorate their stores, people’s homes (for private RL decorating service – can you imagine how much THAT costs?), and copying for production. Double RL clothing is mostly sourced from these warehouses, very accurate copies of old stuff, down to the weaving of new fabric exactly to the old pattern, often using the original machines or mills, which have been purchased by RL. There’s a reason he makes billions, boyo.

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