Inside Motorcycles, 1954 BMW R25/3, by Greg Williams

Story first published in Inside Motorcycles, July/August 2009

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All photographs courtesy Amee Reehal


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  1. Hi Greg.

    I have one of these – I bought her in 1980 – unrestored and not running. She’s still in that condition.

    Would you let me know about yours and the effort and cost of restoring the bike ?

    I have a factory parts manual and I know mine has some non-original bits – like the BSA muffler (silencer)and home-made replacement seat. Electrics look like they came from a cave. Engine can be turned over by hand.

    Mine is in pretty poor shape and I suspect that it might be easier and far less costly to buy a restored bike than to restore her.

    We love bikes over at my cyber pub Please drop in and have a look around !



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    The price is rather fair, they also answering questions. Homepage and catalog is available in German and English as well, shipping is worldwide.


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